Unique and delicious blends from our house to yours

We currently have 29 house blends, but we are working hard to increase this range.  Below you will find details of a few our tea blends.

Black Teas

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Breakfast Blend No.1

Made from a blend of 3 single estate black teas, this LuLin take on the English classic is smooth, malty and well balanced.  With rich, malty TGFOP Assam, light & aromatic Ceylon and strong, fragrant Keemun.   

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Spiced Chai

We combine a high quality whole leaf Assam TGFOP with authentic natural ingredients to bring you our warming and delicious Spiced Chai.  It brews to a beautiful golden brown colour, with the wonderful combination of rich aromas.

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Posh Earl Grey

Our award winning Posh Earl Grey is made using two single-estate black teas, a Sri Lanken Ceylon and Chinese Keemun, together with organic bergamot oil, orange blossoms and cornflowers.

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Orange & Cranberry

This tea is all the best things of winter in a cup!  Sweet orange, rich cranberry, cinnamon and winter spices combined with light, aromatic black tea.  It's fruity, warming and delicious!

Green & Oolong

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Tropical Green

The predominant flavours in this tea are mango, pineapple and sencha green tea, with just a hint of coconut.  The sweet mango and pineapple come together beautifully with the earthiness of the green tea and the smoothness of the coconut. 

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Moroccan Mint

Moroccan Mint is a classic tea of the Middle East and Northern Africa.  We make ours with gunpowder green tea, peppermint and a touch of stevia, so add a slight sweetness.

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Lemon & Lime Green

Fresh and mild lemongrass, grassy green tea and kaffir lime leaves combine to make this natural. unflavoured, lemon & lime green tea blend, with further lemon notes from the lemon verbena and lemon peel.

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Ginseng Power

This feisty blend is packed full of “get-up-and-go” ingredients to keep you feeling naturally energised. The combination creates a gingery, mildly herbal and sweet liquorice tasting tea with strong underlying Oolong flavours, which is unique and delicious. 


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Orange Earl Grey

The sweet notes of orange combined with the further citrus tones of the organic bergamot, work together with the slightly sweet and earthy Rooibos.  It's a reviving, feel good tea. 

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Citrus Ginger

This caffeine free tea is a blend of ginger, lemon zest, orange zest and lemongrass. It has a fresh clean taste, with the spiciness of the ginger and acidic coolness of the citrus.

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Fruit Compote

The apple and raspberry flavours are reminiscent of that summer feeling. This caffeine-free blend is good for all times of the day.  The addition of hibiscus perfectly compliments the raspberry and adds a deep colour to the tea, and it has slight hints of cherry and citrus in the undertone.

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Three Mint

As the name suggests this tea is made from 3 types of mint that all have different flavour profiles, coming together to create a caffeine-free tea that is sweeter and more well-rounded than the classic pure peppermint, but with all the same health benefits.